Argument Essay Topics 常见主题类型

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下面就给大家分享一些Argument Essay Topics. 浏览这个主题列表,看看是否引起您的兴趣;如果不能?我将再发一遍~~必定为你们不辞劳苦
心中定要好好” Think think”,你喜欢哪种研究?你对某个特定主题是否持有坚定立场?您是否有必要确保并获得通过的决心?这个主题是否给了你一些天马行空的想法?
1.Is global climate change caused by humans?
2.Is the death penalty effective?
3.Is our election process fair?
4.Is torture ever acceptable?
5.Should men get paternity leave from work?
6.Do we have a throw-away society?
7.Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?
8.Should companies market to children?
9.Should the government have a say in our diets?
10.Are school uniforms beneficial?
11.Do we have a fair tax system?
12.Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?
13.Is cheating out of control?
14.Are we too dependent on computers?
15.Should animals be used for research?
16.Should cigarette smoking be banned?
17Are cell phones dangerous?
18.Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?
19.Does access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy?
20.Should members of Congress have term limits?
21.Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?
22.Should athletes be held to high moral standards?
23.Are CEOs paid too much?
24.Do violent video games cause behavior problems?
25.Should creationism be taught in public schools?
26.Are beauty pageants exploitative?
27.Should English be the official language in the United States?
28.Should the racing industry be forced to use biofuels?
29.Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased?
30.Should everyone be required to recycle?
31.Is it okay for prisoners to vote?
32.Should gay couples be able to marry?
33.Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school?
34.Does boredom lead to trouble?
35.Should schools be in session year-round?
36.Does religion cause war?
37.Should the government provide health care?
38.Should abortion be illegal?
39.Are girls too mean to each other?
40.Is homework harmful or helpful?
41.Is the cost of college too high?
42.Is college admission too competitive?
43.Should euthanasia be illegal?
44.Should marijuana be legal?
45.Do rich people need to pay more taxes?
46.Should schools require foreign language or physical education?
47.Is affirmative action fair or not?
48.Is public prayer okay in schools?
49.Are schools and teachers responsible for low test scores?
50.Is greater gun control a good idea?
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